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McDonald’s Planning to install EV Charge Points in all Restaurants

Fast Food chain McDonalds plans to make EV charging even more accessible by installing charge points in all 1300 restaurants. Mcdonalds, who already offer EV’s to staff eligable for a company car, conducted their own research into public perception of Electric Vehicles, finding a large percentage would consider on if they felt charging was more…

Are Electric Vehicles really better for the environment?

It’s a common question – are EV’s actually beneficial for the environment compared to a traditional combustion vehicle? From the impact of manufacture to the source of the electric required to power them its frequently debated. This video from Engineering Explained looks at these concerns in-depth, and debunks the myth that EV’s are environmentally harmful.

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How to find and use and EV Charging Station near you

Are you a new EV owner looking for a simple way to find charging stations when you’re out and about? Or are you considering an EV, and looking into just how easy it will be to stay charged? Check out BP Polar. Polar is the UK’s biggest and fastest growing network of EV charging points,…


UK Gov vision for hassle-free EV Charging

The UK Government is committed to ending the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035, if not earlier. A huge challenge to this commitment is the availability of efficient and affordable EV charging as more electric vehicles begin to join the roads. Currently, a driver is at most 25 miles away from a…


Chargers Live at Ingliston Country Club

The team at EVC have had the pleasure of working with Ingliston Country Club to supply and install BP Chargemaster points within the grounds. The addition of these chargers adds to the growing list of sustainable efforts taken by Ingliston – who plan to offset the power generated by their charge points with their own solar panels,…


50% of UK Businesses plan to invest in EV’s

Over half of UK businesses are planning to invest in Electric Vehicles ahead of the government’s 2035 targets. This would amount to over £12bn being spent, as businesses seek to replace their fossil fuel dependant fleet with Electric Vehicles. Read the full article from The Guardian here


All-new Honda E – The “cutest” EV on the market?

The all-new Honda E has been dubbed the most “Charming, Characterful and Cute” EV on the market by Auto Express. Do you agree? Read their full review here


5 Myths about EV Cars – Busted!

Have you heard that the UK Energy grid “can’t cope” with Electric Cars? Or that they’ll leave you stranded with poor range? Alternatively, maybe you believe that EV’s are “just as harmful”, with the risk of used batteries filling landfills, or emissions just moving from tailpipes to power plants. Read what the experts at National…


EV Charging at Union Point

This month, EVC has been working on-site at Union Point offices in Aberdeen. Situated by the quay in the heart of Aberdeen City, Union Point provides working space for 100’s of Aberdeen businesses. Now, building tenants can make use of on-site industry leading EO Electric Vehicle Charging Points. Businesses can reduce the cost of similar installations through the Workplace Charging…


UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Glasgow

The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the UNFCCC is expected to take place from 9-19 November 2020, in Glasgow, UK.  COP, or conference of parties, is a UN-led annual meeting set up to assess progress on tackling climate change. The first one was held in Berlin in 1995. About…