Three Step Guide

Start Charging at Home in Three Steps

EVC UK Group are suppliers and installers of electric vehicle charging stations, based in Glasgow and working across the whole of the UK, at home and at work.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service, making the entire process trouble-free from enquiry to installation.  The process from enquiry to installtion can be broken down into three easy steps, and the team are always at hand to answer any questions.

Select Your Charger

Do you want a charger that is as unique as you? Many of our chargers are available in custom colours and trim. From gloss to polished steel we are sure to have a charger that is right for you.

Do you want a charger that simply charges your car? We’ve got you covered. Once you have chosen your EV charger, simply click, pay and select the installation date to suit you from our online booking diary. We will then confirm the order and continue to provide updates as and when they are required.

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Installation Site Survey

We know that sometimes installation are complicated and we might need to discuss specifics. We can schedule a video call with a member of the team at a time that is convenient to you.

Our Online Site Survey is a quick and convenient way for us to accurately assess your home charger installation needs - and it can all be done using your own mobile phone. If we leave nothing to chance we are better prepared. No-one wants a reappointment to get the job done when better planning would have prevented it. Throughout these challenging times a live video survey via WhatsApp / FaceTime ensures thorough preparation whilst keeping everyone safe.

Arrange your Appointment Now


You are all set. Out team have your installation scheduled in our diary and any appropriate grant applications have been fully submitted.

Your own EV charger is under construction in the manufacturers factory ahead of your installation in the coming weeks. EVC will work to provide you with constant updates right through to the installation appointment.

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