What is a Standard Install?

How do I know if I’ve got a 7kW standard installation?

Most 7kW installations are standard, but there are a few occasions where additional work is necessary.
Find out if you come under Standard Installation in the table below.

Standard Installations

All of the points listed below are inclusive of a standard installation, included in the cost of your charger.

  • Installing an EV Charger on a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure
  • Drill through one wall (300mm)
  • 10m cable run from your fuse box to your EV Charger
  • Up to 10m of plastic trunking to conceal interior wiring
  • Installation below 1.8m
  • Clear cable route
  • No civil work requried
  • Spare ways in your fuse box
  • Fitting and testing of electrical connections and protective devices - Electrical testing and the NICEIC Certification
  • Demonstration of the Chargepoint functions and App (if applicable)

Non- standard Installations

Requiring any of the points below may mean you required a non-standard install.  Contact us to find out more about this.

  • Installing an EV Charger on an uneven brick or plaster wall.
  • More than 10m of plastic trunking to conceal interior wiring
  • More than a 10m cable run from your fuse box to your EV Charger
  • Drill through more than one wall
  • Installation above 1.8m will require high-level access equipment. Due to working height regulations, this is a 2 person job
  • Moving of furniture or equipment that maybe in the way of the cable route
  • Civil work required (eg. trenching)
  • No spare ways in your fuse box. This will require a new dedicated distribution board
  • Cost is dependent on complexity of additional work required. Specific quote required
If you do not qualify for a standard installation and would like a quote before you order, please call our sales team