EV Charger Installations for Local Authorities, Housing Associtions and Public Sector

EVC make it simple for you to deliver sustainable and cost-effective charging for both your fleet vehicles and for residents. 

Support your residents considering, or already driving electric vehicles and prepare your properties for the future.

Meanwhile, with accessible charging in place for staff and fleet vehicles, electric vehicles can become a truly viable choice for many throughout the organisation.

  • Installation made easy

    From explaining funding options right through to installation, EVC take care of the entire process.  We've worked with several councils and housing associations already to help them invest in a greener infrastructure.

  • Monetise your Charges

    EV charging can also beome a reliable source of income.  Talk to us about variable tarrifs for use of your chargers, or explore the opportunities with IoT to have your chargers providing multiple services for public and private use.

  • Keep your Community Happy

    With almost all leading car manufacturers now offering EV's, they are a realistic option for the mass market, and demand is only going to increase for accessible charging.  We pride ourselves at EVC in ensuring that all work is completed with minimal disruption, we interact with the local community to minimize inconvenience and ensure that a quality and professional installation is left behind once work in complete. 

  • Achieve Net Zero

    Our collective responsibility to reach net-zero is only increasing.  The installation of EV charges opens up a wealth of opportunities for both your residents and your own practices to adapt to greener alternatives.  

Specialist Installers for Housing Associations

We've been the preferred contractor for many housing associations and are currently working with several more on their EV installations.  As a result, we're well equipped to advise on both the process and choice of charging unit for housing associations and similar organisations.