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Making Waves for Electric Cars

On the Island of Yell, in the Shetland Isles, you can now charge your electric vehicle at a point powered purely by tidal energy.The development and installation was performed by global tidal energy leaders, Nova, and recieved funding from Transport Scotland to complete, as the entire country moves towards a carbon neutral target by 2045.…


Jaguar to end all combustion engine lines by 2025

Luxury car brand, Jaguar, has recently announced a phased plan that will ultimately see it cease all production of combustion engines by 2025. The move has been warmly welcomed by the United Kingdom Transport Secretary, along with the Society of Motor Manufactureres and Traders, as the country continues to make drastic moves to reduce further…


UK Gov Changes to EV Grants

Yesterday, the UK Government announced changes to grants available to offset the cost of a new electric car. The Grant previously contributed up to £3,000 towards the cost of a new electric vehicle priced at £50,000 or under, aimed at encouraging people to make the switch. However, the previously high cut off meant that the…


What is COP26?

In 1994, a treaty named the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was agreed, and signed by over 190 countries. There are annual meetings – known as Conference of the Parties (COP) – designed to tackle climate change. 2021 will mark the 26th meeting, hence the name COP26. The last event was held…


Could an Electric Van work for you?

You might be surprised to find that an electric van could actually be a perfect fit for your business. From tradesmen to couriers, many are making the switch to electric. British Gas even plans to electrify their entire fleet of 12,000 vans by 2030, and placed an order for 1,000 e-Vivaro’s in late 2020. As…


No Earth Rod Required – Hassle Free Installations are here

Chances are, one of the biggest concerns you may have about your charger installation is how its going to look and how much trouble the installation is potentially going to cause. That’s perfectly reasonable – there would be nothing worse than being told you need to have your newly mono-blocked driveway drilled into to install…


How did EV’s perform in 2020?

Thanks to coronavirus, the motor sales industry took a hit throughout 2020 – with overall sales dropping by around 20%. Despite this, sales of Electric Vehicles rose by a staggering 43% throughout 2020. Heres a summary of how Electric Vehicles continued to drive forward throughout a difficult year: Tesla sold the most new EV cars…

Electric Vans plugged into an EV Charger

Largest E-Van order placed by British Gas with Vauxhall

British Gas has already shown a strong commitment to EV’s, promising to electrify their fleet of 12,000 vans by 2030. A huge step towards this has been their order of 1,000 new Vivaro-e vans, representing the biggest single order for electric vehicles to date. This launch of an electrified version of its flagship Vivaro van…


McDonald’s Planning to install EV Charge Points in all Restaurants

Fast Food chain McDonalds plans to make EV charging even more accessible by installing charge points in all 1300 restaurants. Mcdonalds, who already offer EV’s to staff eligable for a company car, conducted their own research into public perception of Electric Vehicles, finding a large percentage would consider on if they felt charging was more…

Are Electric Vehicles really better for the environment?

It’s a common question – are EV’s actually beneficial for the environment compared to a traditional combustion vehicle? From the impact of manufacture to the source of the electric required to power them its frequently debated. This video from Engineering Explained looks at these concerns in-depth, and debunks the myth that EV’s are environmentally harmful.