How did EV’s perform in 2020?

Thanks to coronavirus, the motor sales industry took a hit throughout 2020 – with overall sales dropping by around 20%.

Despite this, sales of Electric Vehicles rose by a staggering 43% throughout 2020. Heres a summary of how Electric Vehicles continued to drive forward throughout a difficult year:

  • Tesla sold the most new EV cars globally, followed closely by Volkswagen.
  • Europe saw the number of EV’s on the road double, making it the largest EV market globally.
  • By December 2020, sales had doubled when comparing to December 2019 gloabally. In the UK, they nearly tripled.

Growth of EV use throughout 2021 looks certain too – over 150 new EV models are planned to launch globally this year. In the UK, it looks like more EV models will be launched than fossil fuel equivalents.

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