5 Myths about EV Cars – Busted!

Have you heard that the UK Energy grid “can’t cope” with Electric Cars? Or that they’ll leave you stranded with poor range? Alternatively, maybe you believe that EV’s are “just as harmful”, with the risk of used batteries filling landfills, or emissions just moving from tailpipes to power plants. Read what the experts at National…


EV Charging at Union Point

This month, EVC has been working on-site at Union Point offices in Aberdeen. Situated by the quay in the heart of Aberdeen City, Union Point provides working space for 100’s of Aberdeen businesses. Now, building tenants can make use of on-site industry leading EO Electric Vehicle Charging Points. Businesses can reduce the cost of similar installations through the Workplace Charging…


UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Glasgow

The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the UNFCCC is expected to take place from 9-19 November 2020, in Glasgow, UK.  COP, or conference of parties, is a UN-led annual meeting set up to assess progress on tackling climate change. The first one was held in Berlin in 1995. About…


What does a home EV Charger actually look like?

We get it, your home is your pride and joy – you don’t want a bulky charging point spoiling your treasured space. That’s why we wanted to give you a proper introduction to the chargers we supply and fit in your home – The EO. Our modern chargers are small and sleek – and are…


Online Searches for EV’s soar by 162%

With the UK government announcement to halt sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2035, searches for electric models soared by 162%, according to AutoTrader. Read the full Financial Times article here


AutoCar: What New EV’s will be joining us in 2020?

2019 saw a boom in the electric vehicle market, and many more are set to join the roads in 2020. From Maserati’s first ever all electric, to an electric edition of the ever-popular Vauxhall Corsa. Mini plans to bring the first “Electric Hot Hatch” to the market, while Volvo, Audi and BMW launch models promising…


Scotland to put Ultra Low Emission Vehicles in the fast lane

The UK Government has already announced that a ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars in the UK will be brought forward from 2040 to 2035. In 2017, the Scottish Government announced it aimed to “phase out the need” for such vehicles by 2032. It aims to achieve this by offering…