OZEV Infrastructure Grant

EV infrastructure grant for for staff and fleets

The government wants to help businesses install electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints for their operations and staff. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) administers the grant on behalf of the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

The EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets will give money towards the infrastructure businesses need for chargepoints, as well as for installing the chargepoints themselves.

The grant means businesses do not have to install all the chargepoints the infrastructure allows for. It permits them to plan for the future by creating infrastructure now that can enable chargepoints to be installed later on.

This is a separate and different grant from the Workplace Charging Scheme, which does not help towards the cost of chargepoint infrastructure. Both grants may be used for the same site, but not the same chargepoints.

(Source: Gov.UK)

Who can apply for the Infrastructure Grant?

This grant is for small and medium sized businesses that want to install EV chargepoints on their properties, that meet the following requirements:

  • Your business must be registered at Companies House. If it does not have this, it must be VAT registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). If your business is not registered at either, it will not be eligible for the grant.
  • Your business must have 249 employees or less.
  • Your business must satisfy state aid requirements. It must have received – or have currently pending at the time of application – less than €200,000 of public support in the past 3 financial years
How much can I claim?

Each grant application can be for up to a maximum of £15,000. If more chargepoints are needed in addition to those provided by this grant, then the Workplace Charging Scheme may be used.

How much can I claim towards charging infrastructure?

Businesses can get up to £500 for each parking space that the charging infrastructure will provide a unique chargepoint socket to, either from installed chargepoints or those that will be installed at a future date via the future connection locations.

How much can I claim towards Chargepoints?

Businesses can get up to £350 towards the cost of buying and installing each chargepoint socket provided. This is in addition to the amount available for providing a space with charging infrastructure.

Can I install chargepoints for customer use using this grant?

No - The chargepoints installed must be exclusively for staff or fleet use.

A fleet may comprise vehicles owned or leased by your business or vehicles used by your suppliers that are essential to your business function. They cannot be for visitor or guest use.

Applicants must be able to provide evidence to verify this on request (for example, details of a parking policy or photographic evidence)

Is there a minimum number of chargepoints I must install?

You must, at a minimum, service at least 5 parking spaces.  A minimum of one space must have an EV charger installed.

Do I have to install all the EV chargers in one go?

No - the grant can be used to future-proof your facilities.

The grant allows for infrastructure to be installed to as many spaces as desired, ready for EV points to be installed at a later date*.

For example, a company with 10 staff parking spaces available may run the infrastructure to all spaces, but initially install 4 live EV points under the grant.  The additional spaces can then have EV charge points installed quickly and with minimal disruption in the future as demand increases.

(*A minimum of 5 spaces must be serviced, and there is a maximum grant claim of £15,000.  At least one EV point must be installed at the time of infrastructure installation.)  

What is considered "Charging Infrastructure" and is covered by the grant?

The EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets covers the costs of installing the infrastructure needed for chargepoints to operate and for future chargepoints to be installed.

The charging infrastructure must comprise at least the following:

  • a new electrical connection at a metered electrical supply point, such as a consumer unit or feeder pillar
  • a dedicated, safe, unobstructed route for electrical cabling from the electrical supply point to the installed chargepoints and any future connection locations
  • any future connection locations
  • provisions to facilitate the safe installation of an electric vehicle chargepoint
  • any chargepoints that are installed
Can any other costs, such as labour, be covered by the grant?

In addition to the cost of the provision of the charging infrastructure, the grant may also cover:

  • any onsite software and/or hardware required to manage and maintain the chargepoints. The cost of any ongoing software support or services is not eligible
  • any communications media, such as wi-fi or cellular repeaters, required to operate the chargepoints
  • grid connections, but not any costs associated with grid reinforcement
  • concrete plinths or footings for future chargepoints
  • any associated signage
  • any associated reinstatement work
  • any associated vehicle barriers
  • the cost of chargepoint units
  • any additional electrical components or hardware required for the chargepoint units
  • civil engineering works
  • labour costs (for installation of chargepoints or infrastructure)
  • project management and reporting costs
  • the VAT incurred by the customer. For enquiries relating to VAT, contact HMRC/VAT: general enquiries
  • site survey works (when leading to a completed installation)

Where an additional smart meter or current clamp device is required, the capital cost of this is also eligible expenditure providing it is installed at the same time as the chargepoint.