Selling electric vehicles?

Make sure your customers have everything they need

The majority of EV customers will go on to arrange a home charger - shouldn't this be something that's offered at the point of sale?

EVC partner with dealerships and sales teams to provide an outsourced charging installation service, allowing them to go further for the customer and successfully secure more sales.

  • Provide a hassle free, complete service for your customers

    EV Customers can be left frustrated or surprised that they have to arrange their own home charging solution.  Partner with EVC, and your sales team can offer everything they need.

  • Bundle the cost of a home charge with EV sale

    Arrange home chargers as an additional extra, or provide customers with a clear, all inclusive price - partnering with EVC gives you the flexibility to structure deals to suit the customer

  • Generate a quick estimate using our dealership calculator

    Partnered dealerships have access to a unique calculator allowing you to generate a quick estimated cost for a home charger.  We can offer commission for each charger sale, while you delight your customer with how much you're saving them through government grants - don't worry, we'll deal with the paperwork!

  • We can provide charger POS literature with your branding

    We can work quietly in the background as your EV charging department, allowing you to focus on creating happy customers.  For a small fee, we can even provide customer literature and information sheets on all our EV products with your branding.

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