Could an Electric Van work for you?

You might be surprised to find that an electric van could actually be a perfect fit for your business.

From tradesmen to couriers, many are making the switch to electric. British Gas even plans to electrify their entire fleet of 12,000 vans by 2030, and placed an order for 1,000 e-Vivaro’s in late 2020.

As well as significantly reducing your carbon footprint, and electric van could also bring you significant savings on fuel and tax – not to mention your new vehicle may also be eligible for an up to £8,000 grant towards the purchase price of your electric van.

And regardless of if you charge your vehicle at home, or at work, we can help you claim up to £650 towards the cost of an easily accessible charger too. Check out our online shop to get an idea of models and cost, or contact us to find out more information on what’s available to you.

Still not sure if an electric van could be the right fit for you or your business? Check out Energy Saving Trusts handy calculator – just answer a few simple questions about how you use your current van, and it will advise what EV’s could be the perfect fit for you.

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